Jean-Michel Basquiat

The artist was commissioned in 1984 to do an album for the Offs, a San Francisco punk band. The album was released in a limited edition of 2500. The vinyls came in black, white, and clear.

From the time he was a young boy, Jean-Michel Basquiat was known to have pored over the medical textbook Gray’s Anatomy, and much of the anatomical imagery and diagram-like compositions of his paintings, drawings, and prints is derived from that interest. After befriending the punk band The Offs in 1983, Basquiat designed this cover image for their first album.

This edition of the vinyl sleeve exemplifies not only Basquiat’s unique and versatile style, but also his connection with the New York underground art and music scene through both his early graffiti work and his mentor and friend, Andy Warhol.

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