FAILE is a Brooklyn-based artist collaboration between Patrick McNeil (b. 1975) and Patrick Miller (b. 1976) which was formed in 1999. The multi-disciplinary street artists achieved recognition through their use of wheatpasting. Their challenging and multi-faceted works explore consumer iconographies and blur the line between high and “low” art, and commodity and art.

McNeil and Miller initially met in Arizona, and though they separated in 1994 when Miller left for art school, they reconnected at the end of the decade. Originally a trio (included Aiko Nakagawa, b. 1975), the group, inspired by the thriving art scene, was most active in New York City. The trio flooded the streets with collages about pop culture and consumerism. Though Nakagawa left the collective in 2006, the duo continued to flourish, increasing their commercial and institutional success.

FAILE is known for their fragmented aesthetic in their collages that explore issues of appropriation, mass media and consumerism. Their highly acclaimed works have been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions including a group show organized by Tate Modern in 2008 and a solo retrospective at Perry Rubenstein Gallery in 2010.

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