Christopher Wool

“The artist Christopher Wool is never through with a form just because he’s used it before. Rather, in a perpetual cycle of self-appropriation, he runs the visual elements he creates through numerous incarnations, constantly experimenting with shifts in scale and medium… His process lends a ridged texture to the works, one that resembles the output of a printer running low on ink, though the effect is achieved here through a more old fashioned, and unique, kind of printing.

Indeed, much of the meaning of Wool’s work in general, can be found in the tension between the unique, spontaneous gesture and the deliberate, mediated multiple. Wool’s original boozy splash evokes action painting, but the result is reiterated across so many different mediums and scales that it becomes more mechanized than expressive.

Wool is not just playing formal games…rather, his work is an investigation into the relevance of singularity in an era of mechanical reproduction. [It] suggests that there is no definitive resolution, an appropriate attitude for an artist who once described himself as “more interested in questions than answers.” – Samantha Friedman, Assistant Curator, MoMA, Department of Drawings and Prints

Prominent skateboard manufacturer Supreme continues their long history of collaborating with famous artists in this set of three skate decks. Christopher Wool’s skate decks feature the artist’s largely neutral color palette and abstract yet suggestive shapes for which he is known.

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