An internationally renowned and prolific contemporary Japanese artist most known for blurring the line between high and low art forms.

Wilson’s small-scale watercolor drawings are unique reflections of the her creative process, in that each incorporates tiny, hand-written texts.

From the time he was a young boy, Jean-Michel Basquiat was known to have pored over the medical textbook Gray’s Anatomy, and much of the anatomical imagery and diagram-like compositions of his paintings, drawings, and prints is derived from that interest.

An underlying theme in Baldessari’s art has been the questioning of perceptual experience – how we see, interpret, and understand the world around us – and how this experience can dislocate preconceived notions and challenge conventional thinking.

An American contemporary visual artist inspired by American caricature, European history portraits and Greek mythological figures, often in a dark yet humorous style.

In the early stages of their career, these contemporary artists are on our radar as the ones to watch.

Hirst’s ‘Spot’ paintings are some of the most recognizable of the artist’s oeuvre and interestingly define the interaction between color and space.

Kahlhamer’s work explores his own displaced Native American identity as well as the influence of tribes, past and present, on mainstream American culture.

Saturated and playful works evoking cartoon imagery and challenging the line between high and “low” art.

A Neo Pop artist in New York City known for his reproductions of banal objects which have sold for substantial sums of money.

Banksy is an enigmatic and controversial British street artist whose identity is still largely unknown. He incorporates humor and satire into his images that often tackle the issues of capitalism, politics, culture and ethics.

Recognized since the early 1970s as one of the most innovative and provocative of America’s contemporary artists.

Known most widely for his shocking yet strangely beautiful photographs and videos, Collishaw’s work also includes installation, drawing and painting.

An American artist and social activist whose work was often heavily political and whose imagery has become widely recognized.

Painter and sculptor Robert Longo brings his eye for hyper-realist depictions of people and black-white contrasts to the striking skate decks produced in collaboration with Supreme skateboards.

Joel Shapiro is among the preeminent American sculptors of the 21st century.

Subversive themes are his trademark bullet holes–which he has previously put through mirrors, various items of Americana, a reproduction of the Mona Lisa and Supreme’s Limited Edition skateboards.

An American visual artist best known for his involvement with the Pop movement, his figurative works are reminiscent of Tom Wesselmann’s portraits in their tonal simplicity and intensity of color.

An American painter and printmaker who works with images of animals and genre scenes

FAILE produces work as a collective, with the common goal of bringing art to the streets of Brooklyn and larger New York.

Best known for her paintings and prints of mundane objects, particularly items associated with homescapes.

Much of the meaning of Wool’s work can be found in the tension between the unique, spontaneous gesture and the deliberate, mediated multiple.